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I‘ve been a pastor for the last 25 years, and of all the messages I’ve given over the years – and I’ve preached more than a thousand – there’s one topic that I keep coming back to, and it’s why I’ve launched Train Yourself Ministry.

I think one thing that needs to be shored up in the faith-walk of many a follower of Christ is a commitment to growing in personal and spiritual discipline. I say that because as I look around the church I see way too many believers whose Bibles are gathering dust, who give in too easily to things like porn, who can’t name one friend who’s a person of another skin color, whose finances are teetering, who don’t share their faith because they don’t know their faith, and the moment culture comes and bullies them about something they believe, they cave in.

Train Yourself Ministry exists to raise up what I call grace-bred, Word-fed, Spirit-led men and women of discipline. Perhaps that sounds unappealing, but can I let you in on a little secret? A life of discipline – where you let Jesus train you to be godly – is one of the surest ways to freedom and joy than I know.

Someone described Train Yourself Ministry as P-90X for Christians. As I like to say sometimes: “That’ll preach!” 

So what are you waiting for? Train yourself to be godly. There’s a world out there that needs Jesus working through you.

Pastor Bear 

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