Note from Bear: If you’ve ever read Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”, you know it’s not really a children’s book. It’s a brilliant and biting satirical critique of many of the maddening aspects of life in 18th century England. If Swift were alive in our times, I think he would have more than enough material with which to write an entirely new edition. Take the so-called Equality Act that is making its chilling way through Congress. Here’s what Swift might say about this.


Lovers of 18th-century literature were delighted last month when it was announced that previously unpublished chapters to Jonathan Swift’s classic, “Gulliver’s Travels” were recently discovered in an attic in London. Because of the fragility of the pages and near-illegible quality of the ink, the ability to decipher and copy the words has been painstaking and slow. Here now is the first released fragment of the work: The Voyage To Pelosia.   


Of all the tiny kingdoms I visited in the archipelago south of the Laputian coastline, none so fascinated me as the island chain called Pelosia.

The land provides an embarrassment of resources, natural beauty, and gentle climate for its inhabitants, but no population I have met was less deserving of these utopian wonders than the Pelosians. I can only imagine that the brains beneath their sun-bleached skulls are irreparably shrunken by the exposure. For no race of men I have encountered seemed less informed in the sciences of economics, biology, history and sociology – that is to say, seemed less informed in survival – than this.

Women are especially mistreated in this place. The Pelosians are attempting to pass into law as I write a piece of legislation they have dubbed The Act Of Equality which is written on the premise that the differences which exist between male and female are entirely illusory, a fabrication of the mind. It is believed that biology is meaningless. Reality is defined by mere thought.

If a man simply thinks he is a woman, then all his forgotten: his heightened testosterone, his additional 26 pounds of muscle, his 40% upper body strength advantage, his 33% lower body strength advantage, his relentless sex drive. All this is considered a figment of the imagination.

Under the Act Of Equality, the man who thinks he is a woman, would then be granted full access to women’s lavatories and changing rooms. He also would be allowed to compete unfettered in all athletic competitions with women. Already, throughout Pelosia, women’s names are being erased from recordbooks, replaced by these counterfeit women.

But it’s far more insidious than even this. The law if passed contains provisions that will outlaw debate, discussion and dissent. By fiat, it would be required to address the confused, counterfeit woman as a she, and use any personal name he claims. Imagine a person believing themselves to be the Queen of England, then being forced to say Your Majesty upon pain of fine or imprisonment!

By law, this heretical teaching would be imposed on the children of Pelosia from the moment they enter school. Teachers and administrators must acquiesce to this bizarre curriculum, upon risk of losing their employment. Even parents would be muzzled, forced to go along with the charade. Should their child in a moment of confusion or spitefulness or experimentation wish to be known by the opposite gender, the parent can only yield to their will, upon risk of being accused of “abuse” for which the state would remove their child from their care.

The absurdity of it astonishes me. Why the women of this culture stand idly by while this madness is written into law, writing them out of existence, is beyond me. You would think that the women of Pelosia have no power at all. Yet in fact, many women occupy some of the highest positions in Pelosia’s government. And of these women, a high percentage of them stand in support of this legislation! It beggars the imagination.

Where then are the husbands and fathers, you ask? Surely they would stand up in defense of their wives and daughters, and speak against such a ludicrous law. Just the thought of such a confused and disturbed man entering the private places of civil society and exposing himself to those we love, and are commanded by Providence to protect, should outrage any decent man enough to push back against this absurdity.

Where then are the preachers and doctors, those of science and theology, to speak up on behalf of scripture and reason and common sense? In Pelosia, all of these remain silent, while this sinister bill slithers through its checkpoints unmolested.

But reason seems in short-supply in this place. If all a politician must do is slap the word “equality” onto his bill – even if that bill celebrates certain tyranny – and everyone gets weak-kneed because of it, and suddenly is unable to resist it, then there must not be much activity going on in the cerebral cortex of this race.

And even if a dissenter manages to shrug off the false labeling, and press on in his dissent, there is another slander far more pernicious that will be hurled against him that will stop him dead in his tracks.


It matters not that the dissenter comes armed with logic, reason, science, and wisdom on his side, and can lay out the most rational argument in his favor. Let the general mob of the land begin to spit at him a torrent of invective – Bigot! Patriarch! – at once his voice is silenced.

I myself have found that my presence here has kindled a burgeoning animosity. Though first, my arrival here was greeted with excitement and astonishment, lately I sense my celebrity is waning. When asked about my opinion regarding the Equality Act – and I said, “It would seem to me easier to work on a person’s mind to help it live within the body than to mistreat the body to live within the mind” – my “approval ratings” (an almost hourly gauge of one’s worth in this society) plummeted.

It has led me to begin plotting an escape from Pelosia, should that action be warranted.

Lemuel Gulliver, 1710


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