Welcome to our Training For Godliness Purity Summit Pre-conference Devotional Page

In a couple weeks, we’ll be gathering as men at San Marcos Camp to spend a few days together, encouraging each other in an area of life that we don’t usually like to talk about, but talk about it we must!

  • For the sake of our own hearts.
  • For the sake of our kids and grandkids.
  • For the sake of our marriages.
  • For the sake of our churches.
  • For the sake of our culture.

These short daily devotionals are written to help get our hearts and minds ready for the conference. I believe that God is going to meet with us in a very powerful way, and I invite you to begin praying regularly for the weekend. And we still have slots available, so if you know someone who is on the fence about going, encourage them to join us, and share these devotions with them.

Looking forward to November 9-11!

Pastor Bear

Train Yourself To Be Godly: A 40-Day Journey Toward Sexual Wholeness

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Sexual temptation and confusion is laying waste to an entire generation of men and women.

  •      The tsunami of porn has overrun countless hearts since the rise of the machines.
  •      Culture bullies the Church daily into silence about its sexual standards.
  •      Erotic imagery and temptation is everywhere.
  •       The Sexual Hall of Shame inducts new members continually.

Is true holiness even possible today? If ever there were a time for the Church to speak up about God’s design for sexuality, it’s now.